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Labelling Photovoltaic Systems!

Solar Panels or Photovoltaic Systems (PV Systems) are made from silicon crystalline cells and predominantly produced in China. Over the last 10 years more and more companies have started manufacturing solar panels to keep up with an ever-increasing demand. Many companies even offer online tools to evaluate feasibility of a solar PV systems at your […]

An introduction to Stainless Steel Signs!

So, let’s talk about the heavy weight of the engraved sign world, Stainless Steel. Stainless steel signs have a toughness that can’t be rivalled by any other standard and cost-effective sign material. Signs and labels direct have spent the last few years adapting and perfecting the art of stainless-steel labelling. We have invested in cutting […]

The New UKCA Marking

The UKCA (UK conformity Assessed) will be replacing the old European CE mark. Most of the goods that used to need a CE mark will now need a UKCA mark. The UKCA mark came into effect on the 1st of January 2021 but you can still use CE until January 2022 to give plenty of […]

Wonderfully Simple Stickers!

Now, where would the world be without stickers. They are the simplest and, in many cases, the best way to quickly apply a mark or label. They can be incredibly basic, with just text or numbers or can be complex works of art with illustration and full colour. So, let’s see all the different types […]

Cable marking, we have everything you need!

Don’t make life difficult! It is much easier to handle the cables if they are marked and it is also important in case something goes wrong. Otherwise it will be very difficult to know which cable belongs to which connector. This sounds very obvious, but it’s not just about marking the cables, there are lots […]

Share templates with multiple accounts

Click here to visit our share templates page! Are you part of a company where several people design plates with different accounts? Then it is useful if you can share your designs with each other. Follow the steps below to find out how to do this. 1. If you want to share templates with another […]

Add multiple addresses to your account

Click here to visit our multiple address page! Does your company consist of multiple locations, but you don’t want to create a new account for each address? Then enter multiple addresses with us and choose the address where you want your plates and stickers delivered when you make the order. 1. When you are logged […]

Design Signs and labels with a QR code or Barcode

Click here to visit our QR code and Barcode page! With our design studio you can easily design plates or stickers with QR codes or Barcodes. Follow the instructions below to find out how to design these plates and stickers yourself. 1. Start by opening a new project in Sign Studio Advanced . Under Material, […]

Import series with Excel in Sign Studio Advanced

Click here to visit our excel import page! Using the Sign Studio Advanced from Signs and labels direct you can easily and quickly create many labels via the Excel import function. You save a lot of time by creating hundreds of labels in a few minutes. The steps below will show you how this feature […]

New Page: Tutorials and Instructions!

Visit our new tutorial and instruction pages here! Do you need help designing your signs and labels? Or are you just curious about what you can do in our design studio? On this page you will find step-by-step guides for the different options in Sign Studio and Sign Studio Advanced. Excel Import – Create many […]

A brief history on Traffolyte

Traffolyte was originally a brand of engraved multi-layered plastic which started to gain popularity among electrician-based companies back in 1927. The term now more broadly relates to engraved plastic signs and is the simple technique of sticking together two differing colour layers of thin plastic. Once a layer is engraved the colour beneath is revealed […]


What would life be without signs? It would be very sad for us of course! So, because signs are the best thing we know, we have done a deep dive into the history of the signs and the history of engraving. Signs have been around longer than you might think and can be defined as […]

What is CE Marking, and will it be affected by Brexit?

First of all, what is CE Marking? CE Marking started back in the early 1990s and comes from the French phrase “Conformité Européenne” which translated means European Conformity. So, when you see CE on a product it means that the manufacturer certifies that it fulfils EU health, environmental and safety requirements Ok, so what is […]

Informational Blog on Pipe Marking

Pipe Markings are used to easily identify the contents of a pipe before a contractor or operator starts maintenance work. It is vitally important that the contents of a pipe can be identified so that preparation and a risk assessment can be started before maintenance or drainage of a pipe begins. The British Standard 1710 […]

About Signs and Labels Direct

We are a UK based company that has created it’s own unique concept to ordering and manufacturing engraved plastic and metal signs.Since 1998 we have been providing installations with millions of engraved signs & labels to more than 32,000 satisfied customers throughout Europe.Our online ordering system, Sign Studio, offers you a complete system for creating […]

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