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What would life be without signs? It would be very sad for us of course! So, because signs are the best thing we know, we have done a deep dive into the history of the signs and the history of engraving. Signs have been around longer than you might think and can be defined as […]

What is CE Marking, and will it be affected by Brexit?

First of all, what is CE Marking? CE Marking started back in the early 1990s and comes from the French phrase “Conformité Européenne” which translated means European Conformity. So, when you see CE on a product it means that the manufacturer certifies that it fulfils EU health, environmental and safety requirements Ok, so what is […]

Informational Blog on Pipe Marking

Pipe Markings are used to easily identify the contents of a pipe before a contractor or operator starts maintenance work. It is vitally important that the contents of a pipe can be identified so that preparation and a risk assessment can be started before maintenance or drainage of a pipe begins. The British Standard 1710 […]

About Signs and Labels Direct

We are a UK based company that has created it’s own unique concept to ordering and manufacturing engraved plastic and metal signs.Since 1998 we have been providing installations with millions of engraved signs & labels to more than 32,000 satisfied customers throughout Europe.Our online ordering system, Sign Studio, offers you a complete system for creating […]

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